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Some Chat Examples
our assistants have been busy

These are random examples of our chat assistants. Please click on one of the questions to see the chat.

Home Tips AdvisorI find fabric softeners lose their freshness very quickly. Is there another way?
Literature ExpertWilliam Blake seems an unusual character for the time. Tell me about him and his works.
Natural Remedy AdvisorHomeopathy has been completely slated over the past years. Is it fair and accurate?
Lyricistwrite pop lyrics about losing my love like the leaves in autumn
Film ExpertWhat went wrong with "Plan 9 from Outer Space" during filming?
Literature ExpertWho established Poet's corner in Westminster Abbey and who is commemorate there?
Literature ExpertWhat is the plot and meaning of Shakespeare's Coriolanus? I am told it is Shakespeare's most gruesome play.
Interior DesignerI read that Feng Shui is worth considering in design a home. Can you tell me something about it?
Language TutorI am going to learn German. What is a good way to learn German?
Sustainability ExpertI am concerned that my household waste should be recycled. Should I separate item?
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